A detailed guide to using CellexalVR

Here you can read a guide to the different features in CellexalVR. The guide will be continiously updated as new features are introduced. For a quicker (and less texty) guide to the platform please check out the tutorial videos instead.


1. The Basics


As with all tools, there are some things that need to be learned before you can use them. This aims at giving you a thorough introduction of the features of CellexalVR and how to use them. The main features of CellexalVR as of writing this are: viewing graphs and gene correlation networks with six degrees of freedom, creating groupings and generating heatmaps and gene correlation networks from groupings, and viewing single gene expressions.
All good things in moderation and VR is no exception. If at any point you start to feel motion sick, dizzy or even nauseous, take a break. VR can take some getting used to when used for longer periods of time, especially if you have never tried it before.